The Rolling Stones' 1964 Rice Krispies Commercial—As Almost Seen on 'Mad Men'

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo! TV

On Sunday night's episode of "Mad Men," Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Harry Crane (Rich Sommer) attempt to recruit the Rolling Stones for a commercial for Heinz beans.

While backstage at a concert, Don and Harry run into a couple of female fans who scoff at the idea that the Stones would sell out and do a commercial. Cool guy Don replies that they already did an ad in England. Take that, co-ed!

Knowing that show creator Matt Weiner is a stickler for authenticity, fans may be wondering what commercial the Stones actually did. Wonder no more. You can watch it below:

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Back in 1964, the mega-band did a commercial and tune for Rice Krispies, of all things. You don’t actually see the band (instead, the black-and-white ad features contestants on a pseudo game show), but you do hear the Stones. "Wake up in the morning, there's a snap around the place, wake up in the morning, there's a crackle in your face. Wake up in the morning, there's a pop that really says Rice Krispies for you..." And so on.

It's not exactly "Satisfaction," but we've heard jingles that were a lot worse. "Five Dollar Footlong," anyone?