The Rock Proves Tough Guys Can Cry [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

Only three episodes into The Rock's epic reality competition "The Hero," and the action star and host is already in tears. Who says tough guys can't cry? Yahoo!'s "The Yo Show" visited the set of the extreme series in Panama to find out what it takes to crack The Rock. "We expected to see blood, sweat, and tears," said Michael Yo. "We just didn't expect to see those tears coming from The Rock."

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So what did it take? It took an emotional family moment for contestant Darnell, who rappelled 450 feet down the Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal while solving a riddle. Amazingly, he answered it correctly, winning him the Hero's Challenge and $50,000. It was Darnell's second chance at a Hero's Challenge; the first try didn't go so well, but The Rock had some words of wisdom for him: "While you did fail — you didn't win the $50,000 — you still walked away a better man."

Apparently, that encouragement kept Darnell's spirits up. After his victory, he had to decide on the spot whether to take the $50K or add it to the bigger pot, which will eventually lead up to a million dollars. Before Darnell could answer, though, The Rock handed him a phone. On the line were Darnell's wife and two little girls. "The moment he hears his wife's voice, he collapses. At that point, he's crying … it was such an incredible moment," said The Rock, who gave Darnell the go-ahead to share his victory with his family. That's when he made his decision: "Baby, I'm taking that money!"

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With all the adrenaline and emotion of the moment, The Rock was touched. "It got me, too. Luckily, I had my glasses on, so even though I got a little teary-eyed, nobody saw it. I kept my cool," said the star. When asked, "So The Rock can cry?" he responded, laughing, "Well, just because it's Yahoo!, I can say yeah."

"The Hero" airs Thursdays at 8 PM on TNT.