The return of Axel Foley?: 'Beverly Hills Cop' coming to TV

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo! TV

Axel Foley was last seen gallivanting on roller coasters in 1994's "terrible" (in Eddie Murphy's words) "Beverly Hills Cop III." Now, nearly two decades later, the character is returning to the small screen. Maybe.

Here's the twist: The proposed show would likely follow Foley's son, now a cop in -- we're taking a stab in the dark here -- Beverly Hills. According to Vulture, Murphy and Shawn Ryan, creator of "The Shield," are working on making the idea a reality for Sony Pictures Television. Don't expect appalling violence and corruption a la "The Shield." If it makes it to production, "Beverly Hills Cop" would likely be a buddy-action-comedy.

The project is reportedly in the pitch process right now, which means it's a long way from seeing the light of day. In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Murphy remarked that in the proposed show, his character would now be the chief of police in Detroit. He wouldn't be a regular cast member. Murphy said, "I'd do the pilot, show up here and there."

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The fact that Shawn Ryan, best known for his ultra-gritty "The Shield," is co-developing the project gives us hope -- not only that the series will make it to the screen, but that it will help viewers forget about "Beverly Hills Cop III."

Should the show make it to primetime, it will join a long but distinguished list of TV programs that started as films. Some, like "M*A*S*H" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," became huge hits. Others, like "My Big Fat Greek Life" and "Ferris Bueller," (remember that one?) tanked. Time will tell if Axel Foley and son get their chance with a new generation.

Watch a classic scene from the original "Beverly Hills Cop" right here: