'The Following' recap: Joey fights back!

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"The Following" -- "The Siege"
Ryan Hardy gets closer to the followers in the "The Siege" episode of "The Following."


That’s the first thing we said while watching this week’s installment of “The Following” because we were so relieved to see little Joey fighting back against his captors.

Of course, we totally get that he’s just a little kid and he’s with his nanny of several years whom he clearly trusts, but it was high time he start to figure out that things in that farmhouse are not quite right. For starters, he still thinks of his nanny as Denise, but Paul and Jake call her Emma – shouldn’t that make him at least a little curious?

Well, we got our wish, because the youngster started to act and set some wheels in motion for the rest of the episode and then some.

5 Major Moments

Joey calls home. As Paul and Emma cuddle in their threesome post-coital bliss and Jake freaks out in the shower, the little guy tiptoes downstairs, climbs a bookshelf, and calls mom. He gives her a full description of the house before Paul gets hungry and finds Joey on the phone under the kitchen table. Unfortunately, the phone is scrambled. Still, the FBI manages to crack it within a certain radius and Hardy and Weston head to Dutchess County to start their search.

Ryan and Claire hug. Before Hardy leaves town, he sees Claire and gives her the news, all while getting rather emotional himself. “The way I left things with us… There’s so much I need to say to you and I know now isn’t the time,” he says and promises that when he brings Joey home safely, they’ll talk about the past.

Joe gets Olivia’s digits. This episode introduced us to Olivia Warren, Joe Carroll’s attorney, when she’s called in to see the prisoner. She’s not happy about it, but Joe alludes to her owing him favors. We see a flashback of her dropping his case but no clear sign of why she might owe Joe anything. But then, later in the episode, we get another flashback… this one of a man sent to give her a message and that message is to chop off two of her fingers. Yikes! And, with that, we understand why Olivia agreed to deliver a pair of messages, including one to Claire about how she might get to see her son again.

Roderick’s cell is activated. With Olivia firmly back on his side, Carroll convinces Olivia to read a passage from Edgar Allen Poe’s “Mask of the Red Death” as a statement on the news. This was very clearly a coded message meant to activate the next cell of Joe’s minions. And, sure enough, Emma starts talking about Roderick. Shortly thereafter, a man named Hank shows up at the farmhouse claiming that Roderick sent him and urging them to pack up so they could all leave together. At the same time, Claire gives her friend the slip at lunch and runs to meet another of Roderick’s crew in order to be reunited with Joey.

Joey breaks down the door. After making a run for it earlier, Joey met a neighboring couple that recognized him from TV and got hip to the fact that might be kidnapped. After Emma finds him (and order’s the couple’s death a Paul’s hands) she locks him in his room. Well, no kid likes being locked in his room, so Joey goes all MacGyver and pulls down the curtain rod from his room in order to force his door open. And, once he’s out, he finds Hardy at the bottom of the stairs. And then he sees Paul hold a gun to Hardy’s head.

Lingering Questions

  • What happens next?! We just got our first major cliffhanger! How is this stalemate between Hardy and Paul/Emma/Jake going to play out?
  • How many people are in Roderick’s cell? We know there are at least three because Hank was giving instructions to the guy who picked up Claire, so he’s probably not Roderick.
  • Do all the men in Roderick’s cell look alike? Didn’t you think Hank and the guy who picked up Claire looked like brothers?
  • Will Megan actually make it out of the house alive?
  • When is Ryan going to realize that his ego and impatience is getting other law enforcement agents killed? Truly, he is at fault for the local cop’s death against Hank.
  • Where is Claire really being taken? Is Joe orchestrating a trade of Claire for Joey? Ryan for Joey?
  • How pissed is Claire’s friend going to be for getting stuck with the check? We hope she was a cheap date.

Get the inside scoop on the events that led to Joey's capture.

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