‘The Arrangement’: Preview E!’s Juicy Upcoming Hollywood Drama

You’ve heard the gossip … about the A-list movie star who made a love match by “auditioning” young actresses, one of whom ended up becoming his wife. The actor was also aided in his quest to meet a new mate by his infamous religion, who only wanted to help make the actor so happy he’d be (couch) jumping for joy… get it?

Then E!’s upcoming drama The Arrangement, the network’s second-ever scripted series, should also sound familiar… and like it could be the next great guilty pleasure entry on your TV watchlist.

The series stars Dallas alum Josh Henderson as Kyle West, the A-lister who has a great first date with Megan Morrison (The Walking Dead’s Christine Evangelista), the actress who recently auditioned to star opposite him in a summer blockbuster movie.

Kyle and Megan are ambitious and may both be hiding major secrets regarding their pasts, which leads Kyle’s guru, Institute of the Higher Mind leader Terence Anderson (Alias alum Michael Vartan), to suggest a $10 million contract between the two – Megan marries Kyle, which is a publicity boon to both, and helps one of them keep a lockdown on a potentially career-ending secret.

Addictive, right?

The 10-episode first season, which also stars Andromeda’s Lexa Doig as Anderson’s wife, is written and produced by Emmy-winning Mad Men writer and producer Jonathan Abrahams.

The Arrangement premieres on E! in 2017