The 5 Best Nelly Jokes From Late Night Television

George Back

Hip-hop artist Nelly was in the news this week, as it was reported he owes the IRS almost $2.5 million. Nelly fans have started the hashtag #SaveNelly in hopes of bringing awareness to their celeb’s strife.

People are being encouraged to stream Nelly’s music so the royalties from entities like Spotify might help pay Nelly’s debt.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon took the fundraising one step further and used Nelly’s music repeatedly as punchlines to other jokes. “Nasa just revealed that this past August was the hottest in Earth’s history,” Fallon joked, “Or as Nelly might say ‘It’s getting hot in herre, so hot so take off all your clothes.‘”

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert performed a fiscally responsible spoof his popular song “It’s Getting Hot in Herre” with the lyrics:

Just pay your monthly debt so your accounts don’t close.
Being frugal is so hot, you’re gonna pay your bills off!
You wear them at your work, so write off all your clothes.
They’re a business expense so you can write your clothes off.

Hopefully Nelly will be able to pay off his debt and continue his impressive band-aid collection.

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