The 'Scandal' Cast Talks OMG Moments, What's Next, and the Little Blue Bird

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The cast, guest stars and executive producers of "Scandal" attended "An Evening with Scandal" at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for their season finale table read and Q&A on Thursday, May 16, 2013.

"An Evening with Scandal" at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Still reeling from the "Scandal" finale last Thursday? You're not alone. Yahoo! TV celebrated with Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and the entire cast on finale night at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and while the gladiators couldn't reveal a thing about what's coming in Season 3 (trust us ... we tried to pry it out of them), they had a whole lot of fun looking back at the season that was.

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Check out the cast dishing on their favorite moments, what they hope lies ahead, and why "Scandal" would not be here today if it weren't for you all.

Favorite OMG Moments From Season 2

"I think the scene in Olivia's [Kerry Washington] apartment on the couch when I told her I choose her was my favorite," Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, told us. "I was also directing that episode, so it was a challenge. I loved the whole time-lapse — that was really great."

"The giant monologue that Shonda [Rhimes] wrote saying, 'You aren't their father anymore,'" Bellamy Young — who plays first lady Mellie Grant — said, referring to the episode "The Snake in the Garden." "To be able to be that complex — angry, sad, to love him, to hate him, to be jealous of him but want to take care of him — it was a dream as an actor."

"My favorite episode was '752,'" Guillermo Diaz (Huck) said, while actress Darby Stanchfield (Abby Whelan) agreed. "'752' was a really special episode. I know it was really dark and there wasn't a lot of humor in it, but it was a special one to shoot for all of us. We bonded in a new way because it was so hard to do," she said.

"I really love the scene from the finale," Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins) told us. Spoiler Alert if you haven't watched yet ... it's the scene where Quinn kills Billy Chambers! "I'm so afraid right now, I don't know if Twitter is going to love Quinn or hate Quinn. If they hate Quinn and I have to spend the summer dealing with mean tweets, I don't know what I'll do."

"My favorite scene personally was when I go back to my old office and I meet the guy who has my old job," Joshua Malina (David Rosen) shared. "I just had a page and a half of meaty and fantastic 'screw you' speech. It was great fun."

Guest star Scott Foley, who plays Olivia's love interest Jake Ballard, had a lot of scenes he loved: "I love the scene between Olivia and Fitz where she says, 'Earn me.' And Bellamy Young had the amazing scene where she talks about why [Fitz's] kids don't want to come see him; she was so good in that scene. Maybe my favorite scene was the one between James (Dan Bucatinsky) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) where Cyrus says, 'I stole the White House.'"

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Speaking of Cyrus and James, they both couldn't help but be moved by their scene in the episode, "Any Questions?," where Cyrus says some pretty harsh things to James.

"That was nasty!" Perry recalled. "When we were shooting it, we knew what Shonda's intent was, it was clear on the page, yet the director and I were wondering if it was too nasty. We did a couple different kinds of takes and we went with the nastiest, of course."

"It was a beautifully written scene," Bucatinsky chimed in. "Cyrus is saying mean things to me and sure, there is a degree of ridicule and rage, but the most interesting thing to me is how much can James suck it up and think, 'This is just how he gets and how much is James in pain. I feel like there is no point in the scene if James blows it off. The scene was written to prove that Cyrus can get to him."

What Now?

Literally, not one person in the cast could (or would) share any hint as to what is coming in Season 3, but a lot of our favorite characters are holding out hope for certain plot points.

"I would love to see a high school Huck and see what he was like as a kid," Diaz told us. "We knew he grew up in foster homes, but it would be interesting to see his childhood and what life was like for him."

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"I'd like to find out who got Abby in an arranged political marriage and what kind of woman was she to be doing that," Stanchfield said. "She's so different now. I would also obviously love to know what happens in the future with her and David. You are left with a lot of unanswered questions!"

"I would definitely love and root for a Huck romance," Lowes told us. "I will root for anything that is not me and Huck killing each other — anything else I'm game with!"

"I'd like to explore the pursuit of more family in Season 3," Bucatinsky shared. "How James desires the struggle to be a dad and maybe even get a sibling for Ella, while ambitiously wanting to continue to become Anderson Cooper."

The Power of Twitter

One big topic at last week's "Scandal" presentation was how there would have been no Season 2 if it weren't for fans on social media.

"It's a new paradigm and it's to Kerry's credit, she saw this coming," Young told us. "It's the only reason we survived, I really believe that. I mean our writing is incredible, but things can get lost even when they are wonderful. Tweeting allows you to form an intimacy and family with people all over the world. That matters. Our gladiators changed everything."

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"One hundred percent we would not be here today if it weren't for our gladiators," Lowes agreed. "Out of the gate we were a slow burn. The numbers were good and steady, but not huge. We buckled down and we live-tweet our butts off. I go through my Twitter feed every morning and love it."

"Some real high-profile people like Oprah — she didn't know about the show until Twitter," Stanchfield said. "She decided to watch the show because her timeline would fill up with 'Scandal' tweets on Thursday nights. It's really special because we're not getting paid to tweet, it's not in our contracts, we just really love our fans and we love the gladiator spirits."

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Added Diaz: "We're going to keep doing it in Season 3. We're not going to trickle off and think, 'We're good now.'"

So fear not, gladiators, our favorite cast assures us they will be around this summer even though the ABC hit show will not.