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Apparently, smart, tough criminal investigators really need plunging necklines to do their work. Are they supposed to be "crime" scene investigators or does the "c" now stand for cleavage?

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Terrible ‘Sexy’ TV Costumes Nobody Should Ever Wear

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TV

So-called "sexy" Halloween costumes have gotten out of control in the last few years, with outfits getting shorter hems, lowered necklines, and cut-out midriffs. Even costumes that have no business being sexy are now tarted up (do the Founding Fathers really need bustiers to show off cleavage?).

TV costumes are no exception to the sexification trend. It's fine if the 2 Broke Girls and Daenerys Targaryen bare some skin — that's how those characters actually dress. But these fifteen get-ups have just gone too far. Too far!