Teams of Strangers Fight Rough Terrain and Each Other on TNT's '72 Hours' [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

Take "Survivor," add "Amazing Race," condense the insanity down to 72 hours, and you'll have, well, "72 Hours," TNT's new reality competition. Each week, three teams of three strangers each will descend on an exotic locale. With only a GPS and one bottle of water, the strangers will have to band together, survive the elements, and try to find a briefcase filled with $100,000. Maybe they'll get along, but probably they won't.

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In this exclusive sneak peek at the premiere, the red team (Alex, Christian, and Dayna) seems to be having trouble finding their inner survivalists on the Yasawa Islands of Fiji as they slide down a steep, rocky, vine-covered hill. "Gonna have all this crap getting in my underwear," Dayna says. Apparently the ladies aren't feeling Christian's directional skills. "One key decision was letting the idiot Christian be the navigator. In a minute, I am gonna announce myself head of navigation," she adds while trying to escape a tangled mess of vines.

Christian's take: "If I'm fighting with two ignorant women, this is not going to be a fun race. Men's brains are bigger anyway." Hmm, who's hoping this guy gets lost ... for good?

"72 Hours" premieres on Thursday, 6/6 at 9 PM on TNT.