The Talk - Wayne Brady on Mental Health; Defends Kanye West: 'I Applaud Him'

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The hosts discuss Kayne West's hospitalization for mental health reasons. Guest co-host Wayne Brady, host of "Let's Make A Deal" on CBS, shares his personal perspective, saying, "I didn't want to come out about my depression a couple years ago, because I thought that I might be stigmatized... I may lose my job. Maybe folks won't see me on tour, because, see, folks like to see to you when you're ha-ha-hee, but really, it's real sometimes. And in our community, you grow up, you weren't supposed to show pain... So I applaud him. Go get help." Aisha Tyler adds, "Everybody goes through personal challenges, and I think to dismiss someone because they have money and so they don't matter is denying the fact that everyone is human... Look at the people in your own life who might be in crisis and stop dismissing them... Let's all try to be compassionate."