‘Sweet/Vicious’: Watch the First Trailer for MTV’s Vigilante Dramedy

Kristen Baldwin

What happens when a sorority girl and a stoner team up to exact vigilante justice on the rapists on their college campus? You get a new show that’s part superhero series, part topical drama, and part buddy comedy. Created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, MTV’s Sweet/Vicious stars Eliza Bennett (Broadchurch) as Jules, a seemingly timid sorority sister who spends her nights stalking — and kicking the crap out of — guys who’ve committed rape but not been punished by the law. Her secret life is interrupted by a chance encounter with campus pot dealer/hacker genius Ophelia (Taylor Dearden), who discovers Jules’s mission and ultimately joins her in the quest.

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With the light sentences for college rapists like Brock Turner and Austin James Wilkerson making headlines this year, Sweet/Vicious will no doubt spark conversation — and likely some controversy, too.

Sweet/Vicious premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 10 p.m. on MTV