‘Survivor Series': Shane McMahon Elbows Braun Strowman Through a Table (Video)

Tony Maglio
The Wrap
‘Survivor Series': Shane McMahon Elbows Braun Strowman Through a Table (Video)

Shane McMahon’s still got it. Well, “it” maybe minus the ability to walk for much longer.

The WWE “SmackDown Live” commissioner and occasional daredevil wrestler just jumped from the top turnbuckle to the announce table, driving Braun Strowman through the surface and to the floor. The sensational elbow drop would eventually eliminate Team Raw’s big(gest) guy, thanks to an assist from “SmackDown Live” mascot James Ellsworth.

Ellsworth would badly pay the price for his helping hand, however. On his way out, Strowman flung the little guy off the entrance ramp stage and through a table.

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Watch the high-risk maneuver here:

Sunday’s Leap of Faith certainly wasn’t Shane O’Mac’s most life-threatening jump — remember this insane attempt from “WrestleMania 32”? Good grief. Vince McMahon’s son has got heart.

Shane would eventually be eliminated from the 10-man match by a wicked Roman Reigns spear on an equally gutsy coast-to-coast attempt.

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