‘Survivor’ Contestant Loses Top in Challenge

Jeremy Belanger

On Wednesday’s Survivor, the Millennial tribe battled the Gen X tribe in a reward challenge, but one the contestants kept her cool by losing her top. The teams chose pairs who raced to swim to retrieve a ring and then bring it back to their team’s pole. What resulted was a brutal mixture of water polo and wrestling.

Michaela, from the Millennial tribe, was stuck in a clinch with a Gen Xer and decided to ditch her top to free herself. It proved beneficial, as she was able to block the advancing opponents and yank the ring to her side.

Michaela later explained, “I just like to win, you know. And when things happen like my whole bathing suit getting ripped off, it’s like, you can either lose or you let your bathing suit get ripped off and win. So I was like, they’re about to see some tatas today.”

Sadly, the Millennials didn’t win the challenge, and Michaela’s exposure was all for naught.

Survivor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. 

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