‘Superstore’: 5 Tips to Surviving a Severed Thumb

On Thursday’s Superstore, Marcus sliced off his thumb in a deli-related accident. Amy tried to help him and, at the same time, keep his thumbless hand a secret from management. She knew how to handle a severed finger and immersed the thumb in a cold liquid. Because they were in a deli, the closest thing they had was a tub of guacamole.

Tip: Keep the thumb chilli’d.

Amy ushered Marcus to her car to rush him to the hospital, only to realize that Marcus left the thumb-filled guacamole container somewhere in the store.

Tip: Maintain a grip on the thumb.

Realizing they couldn’t find his opposable digit alone, they enlisted their co-workers to aid the search. Garrett looked among a customers’ beige towels, Jonah searched in a pile of toy severed fingers, and many guacamole containers were thrown out.

Tip: All hands on deck.

The finger remained missing until a customer raised a complaint about his guacamole. See more tips in the video above.

Superstore airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC. 

Superstore strike is a lesson in humility:

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