Which Super Bowl Ads Were Best Or Worst?

NIKKI FINKE, Editor in Chief
Which Super Bowl Ads Were Best Or Worst?

Watch the Super Bowl ads there. Comment here. This was their order: Hyundai – Epic Playdate, Century 21 – Mini Mart, World War Z Big Game Spot, Pizza Hut – Hut Hut Hut, The Lone Ranger Trailer, Taco Bell – Grande Papi, Budweiser Black Crown Coronation, M&M’s Love Ballad, Audi Prom, Hyundai – Team, GoDaddy Kiss, Doritos Goat 4 Sale, Pepsi NEXT – Party, Best Buy – Asking Amy, Budweiser Black Crown – Celebration, Oz The Great And Powerful Trailer, Coca Cola Cameras, Oreo Whisper Fight, Fast and Furious 6 Trailer, Toyota Rav 4 Wish Granted, Calvin Klein Concept, Doritos Fashionista Daddy, Cars Wolf, Bud Light Journey, YourBigIdea.CO – Danica Patrick Takes Off, Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer, MilkPEP: The Rock in Morning Run, Hyundai Stuck, Volkswagen Get In. Get Happy, Coca-Cola – Mirage, Subway – Congratulations Jared, Taco Bell – Viva Young, Sketchers – Gorun 2, Lincoln – Phoenix, Jeep: America Will Be Whole Again, NFL Surprise, History Channel Vikings, Iron Man 3 TV Spot, Century 21 – Wedding Day, RIM – Blackberry Z10, E Trade Baby, Subway: FebruANY, Bud Light Lucky Chair, Axe – Lifeguard, Mio – Anthem, Kia – Hotbots, Gildan – Getaway, Wonderful Pistachios – PSY Get Crackin’, Lincoln – Once Upon a Tweet, Speed Stick: Unattended Laundry, Beck’s Sapphire: Serenade, Budweiser – Brotherhood, NFL – Leon Sandcastle, Ram Trucks, Kia Space Babies, Tide Miracle Stain, SodaStream Effect, Mercedes-Benz Soul, Samsung Mobile – The Next Big Thing.

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