Super Bowl 2013: Church of Scientology Airs Ad During Halftime (Video)

THR Staff
The Hollywood Reporter
Super Bowl 2013: Church of Scientology Airs Ad During Halftime (Video)

The Church of Scientology followed through on its promise to air an ad during Sunday's Super Bowl game.

The spot, which is part of the organization's "knowledge" campaign, aired not long after the game went to halftime.

The ad featured several shots of books and close-ups of various people. It also featured other people perusing library shelves and books and sitting in a classroom, among other images.

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As the images were shown, a narrator says in voice-over:

"To the curious, the inquisitive, the seekers of knowledge, the ones who just want to know about life, about the universe, about yourself, to the rebels, the artists, the free thinkers and the innovators, dare to think for yourself, look for yourself to make up your own mind because the one that's true is what's truly for you."

The ad sparked a slew of comments on Twitter from those in Hollywood.

"Ahahaha! That Scientology commercial was hysterical!" Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines tweeted.

Added Colin Quinn: "That scientology commercial actually looked pretty interesting. Might be worth checking into at some point. (promoted)."

According to Business Insider, the spot aired in several major markets, including Los Angeles and New York. Ads for this year's Super Bowl reportedly cost about $3.8 million for 30 seconds.