Summertime: Will Smith Drops It like It's 1992 on 'Letterman' [Video]

Yahoo! TV

It's time to sit back and rewind. Will Smith still sings.

Before he got jiggy with it and saved the world in various movies about saving the world and lifted his voice in praise of Miami, Will Smith won us over as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, who could act and rap. Word. Big Willie partnered with DJ Jazzy Jeff — ah, the '90s, when it was OK to have a name like Jazzy Jeff — and delivered fun, summer-radio-ripe songs like the classic, bounce-inducing ditty that we call "Summertime."

Well, guests at "The Late Show With David Letterman" hit the nostalgia jackpot when Will Smith surprised Dave and Paul Shaffer — seriously, take note of him, it's cute — and sang the classic. So put on some big headphones and prepare to sing along, cuz we've got the clip.

Peace out.

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