Strand Gets Ding Dong Ditched With a Knife in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Alex Logan

In an almost walker-free episode of Fear the Walking Dead, a whole lot of nothing happens. OK, that can’t be the case: It’s the zombie apocalypse! Something must be going on somewhere! Maybe over in the colonia … Nick and Luciana must be dealing with the gang searching for their hideout. Nope. They were ordered to stay put and do nothing, so they do just that.

We also find out that Ofelia is taking an extended trip down memory lane with plenty of flashbacks. And it looks like she’ll be heading back to the United States … yawn.

At the resort, Madison and Elena unite with the hotel guests to power up the generator and make ice. And we’re once again on the edge of our seats!

Then, out of nowhere, Ilene plays ding-dong-stab-and-ditch on Strand, leaving him fighting for his life. And in a scene that plays like a pale ghost of a far superior Rick Grimes speech from The Walking Dead, Madison takes charge and lays down some ground rules. Is this signifying the rise of Madison as iron fist leader of the group? Probably not, since she almost immediately melts down on a medical supply run to the gang-run supermarket. And she then signals for everyone to come pillage their village when she lights up the resort at night.

This must mean that something big is finally going to happen. No? That’s the end? Well, at least another episode is over. See you next week for more captivating surf lessons at the end of the world!

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