Still Fired Up? Hillary Clinton Merch Has Been Marked Down To Move

Sam Reed
The Hollywood Reporter

Election Day has come and gone, and though Democrats didn't get the outcome they were hoping for, that doesn't mean supporters can't still wear their Hillary Clinton pride on their sleeve.

With almost two months until Inauguration Day, fans who were "With Her" (or are still "With Her,") can grab Clinton merch - now at deeply marked down prices.

The campaign sent out an email to supporters on Tuesday afternoon advertising the sale with the sales pitch, "Still fired up? Time to take the fight to Trump. Get deeply discounted items from the shop and support Democrats."

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Buttons, tees and stickers on are up for the taking  at 50 percent off, with free shipping over $25. While the "Clinton/Kaine 2016" stickers might feel a bit outdated, there are a few political seasonless items available, including "She Does Her Homework" pins and "Love Trumps Hate" bumper stickers. Not to mention, the infamous "Woman Card" - because regardless of who's in the White House, it's always good to have your "Woman Card" at the ready, right? 

Meanwhile, the White House has wasted no time in starting to sell President-elect Trump gear at the official gift shop, including red hats bearing his name and popular "Make America Great Again" slogan ($15). For the collectors out there, the White House is also selling Trump bobble heads ($25), mugs ($15) and tees ($15).