Steve From ‘Stranger Things’ Finally Meets His Son, ‘Parks and Recreation’s’ Jean-Ralphio (Photos)

Beatrice Verhoeven
Steve From ‘Stranger Things’ Finally Meets His Son, ‘Parks and Recreation’s’ Jean-Ralphio (Photos)

Steve Harrington from “Stranger Things” has finally met his long-lost son, “Parks and Recreation” character Jean-Ralphio.

“Dad and son meet because the internet,” wrote Schwartz on an Instagram post Tuesday, where both Steve (Joe Kerry) and Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) looked into the camera, wearing the exact same thing.

“That’s strange,” they both said simultaneously.

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Schwartz also posted another photo of the two shaving together with the caption, “Did a lot of growing up today,” as well as a post in which the two wear matching clothes captioned, “The Upside Down Parent Trap.”

After fans saw a resemblance between Steve and Jean-Ralphio, theories began emerging that Steve was actually Jean-Ralphio’s father. This was later confirmed by Schwartz on “The Late Late Show,” where he said that the traumatic events that happened in 1983 definitely led to the creation of the hilariously dumb “Parks and Rec” character.

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“What I assume — and what I assume America and the world assumes now — is that Steve and Nancy, this traumatic event happens, and that of course messes with your system, whether it be a woman’s eggs or a man’s sperm,” Schwartz explained. “And so that scared, scared sperm and that traumatized egg met together roughly a year and three months after the occurrence, and that becomes Jean-Ralphio.”

“If I was to add to the theory, I’d say that Jean-Ralphio probably lived 50 percent of his life in the Upside Down,” Schwartz continued. “But he was like super chill. He was super cool in the Upside Down. Like, he ran that s—.”

See the video and the photos of the reunion below.

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