Stephen Colbert Takes Over the Butterball Turkey Hotline

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert visited the Butterball Turkey headquarters to lend a hand at helping people cook their Thanksgiving birds. The Turkey Talk-Line helps people with any turkey-related question during the holiday season.

Though he does not have an overwhelming amount of turkey-cooking experience, that did not stop the late-night host from fielding people’s calls. When asked how to prepare a turkey “well-done” Colbert replied, “Cook it a long time.”

Another caller was surprised by the weight of her bird and chalked it up to it being frozen. Colbert answered, “When it thaws, it will be just as heavy. It doesn’t get lighter.”

At one point, he even pretended to be the Chicago O’Hare control tower and directed the caller as if she were a pilot. When she threatened to call the police, Colbert threatened to call the Army.

Luckily, plenty of turkey experts other than Stephen Colbert will be manning the phones this holiday season.

The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.

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