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Omar (Michael K. Williams), “The Wire” (2002)
Omar Little (Michael K. Williams), "The Wire" (2002)

Even on the dark HBO drama "The Wire," Omar Little had an edge. He was known to carry a shotgun around the mean streets of Baltimore, and young and old alike scattered when they heard him whistling "The Farmer in the Dell." The notorious drug lord hunter was careful to rob only people who were in "the game."

The going got rough for Omar after he robbed a stash house with John Bailey and his boyfriend, Brandon. Both of his partners in crime were caught, and the price on Omar's head was doubled when rival Avon Barksdale realized that his target was gay. A long feud between Omar and Barksdale ensued.

While Brandon had died refusing to give up the ghost on Omar's location, his second boyfriend, Dante, wasn't so strong willed. He caved and revealed Omar's whereabouts to hired thug Brother Mouzone. It looked like Omar and his third love, Renaldo, could have escaped the drama of their life in Baltimore when they moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, but the lure of revenge brought him back to Charm City and his ultimate demise.

Say what you will about Omar, but he had one major fan. President Obama once declared him the best character on the show, which he said is one of his favorites.

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