‘South Park’ Tackles Clueless President Trump in Latest Episode (Video)

Beatrice Verhoeven
The Wrap

Donald Trump took center stage in Wednesday night’s “South Park” episode, in which the president-elect is thrown into a full-blown international crisis — but doesn’t know how to handle it.

The character, represented by Mr. Garrison, receives a document containing nuclear codes in the episode, titled “Members Only.”

The entire world has become unstable, and the Danish are threatening to reveal every single person’s internet usage history to combat trolls.

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“Why are you asking me?!” Trump says, clearly way in over his head. “I don’t know! Jeez!”

In another part of the episode, Garrison’s Trump gets a tour of the Pentagon while receiving classified information.

“Here are all our military secrets and classified information,” a general says to Trump. “Here is the drone program. In there you can kill anyone remotely. Here are the keys.” Then, he is shown the Diplomatic Strategy and Negotiation Room, about which Trump says, “This doesn’t look very fun.”

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Steve Bannon, whom Trump appointed as his chief strategist earlier this week, also makes an appearance in the episode (see below).

Last year, “South Park” tackled Trump and his presidential run, in which the GOP candidate was raped and murdered by Mr. Garrison.

The episode, titled “Where My Country Gone,” primarily focused on Mr. Garrison’s anger at Canadian immigrants — a direct jab at Trump’s remarks about Mexicans.

“We should have put up a goddamn wall,” he said at the beginning of the episode, during which his extreme views eventually got him fired from his job at South Park Elementary School.

Trump hadn’t made an appearance on “South Park” until that episode, apart from a brief cameo in Season 5. The show is now in its 20th season.

Watch clips from Wednesday’s episode below.

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