Sony pulls a Netflix, will offer exclusive TV shows for PS4

Brad Reed
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Sony hits another milestone as PS4 sales reach 18.5 million globally

Sony has some pretty big ambitions for the PlayStation 4 that go well beyond gaming. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony plans to release several TV shows that will be shown exclusively though PlayStation 4 consoles, starting with a supernatural detective show called “Powers” that will be produced by the company’s own Sony Pictures Television studio. The Journal says that Sony’s plans to offer its own exclusive content will be separate from its planned pay TV service for the PS4 that will deliver channels that have traditionally been delivered by cable and satellite TV companies.

Having its own established in-house television production studio should give Sony a nice head start when it comes to creating its own exclusive shows. However, console rival Microsoft isn’t sitting still when it comes producing console-exclusive shows as it announced last year that it plans to release its own Xbox One-exclusive TV series based on the popular Halo game franchise.

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