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'Sons of Anarchy': Everyone's in Danger Tonight -- and You Should Watch

Kimberly Potts
November 1, 2011

Still reeling from last week's episode-ending shooting on "Sons of Anarchy"? Wait … there's more, much more, violence on the way in tonight's episode of the FX drama.

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Gemma discovers Piney's fate , and her emotional reaction is interrupted by her sudden realization that Clay's responsible. She also quickly calculates the far-reaching ramifications of Clay's actions, and calls on a familiar source for help.

Meanwhile, Tara realizes she's been bested by Gemma, Jax has to do some fast-talkin' to save a whole crew, and federal agent Linc Potter (Emmy-worthy Ray McKinnon) uses Juice and Otto (played by series creator Kurt Sutter) to advance his plot to send the crew back to jail.

"Sons of Anarchy" airs tonight at 10/9c on FX.

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