Sofia Vergara's wild engagement caught on tape [Video]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

Well, at least Sofia Vergara will always have a great story to tell about how boyfriend Nick Loeb proposed.

The sultry "Modern Family" star reportedly got engaged to Loeb last month while celebrating her 40th birthday with friends and family in Mexico. And now we know the reports are true, because Sofia's teen son Manolo Gonzalez has shared his home video of the big moment on YouTube, confirming the engagement.

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Nick romantically pops the question while standing atop a pyramid at the famed Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, which Sofia had wanted to climb since she was a girl. But the proposal doesn't exactly have a Hollywood ending: After descending from the ruins, the newly engaged pair are angrily accosted and ordered to leave the premises.

The problem: The Chichen Itza ruins are closed off to the general public, so Vergara and Loeb had to ask for special permission to set foot on them. But apparently, not everyone at the site got the memo, because several onlookers scold Vergara and Loeb when they come back down. Sofia asks (in Spanish), "Are you kicking me out?" as a woman yells out, "We have evidence you went up! Just surrender yourself voluntarily!" (Vergara stuck in a Mexican prison? That could really throw a kink into the "Modern Family" shooting schedule.)

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But all's well that ends well: Vergara and Loeb confirm with the proper authorities that they had permission, and even laugh off the incident with the rest of her family. (Sofia jokingly looks for "the lady that was sending me to jail.") Then their large entourage (including "Modern Family" co-stars Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) go off to celebrate the couple's engagement with a festive lunch party, where Sofia proudly shows off her huge new rock and dances onstage with the locals.

Thanks to her son Manolo, now we all get to share in Sofia Vergara's wild engagement story. "Modern Family" writers, are you taking notes? We're sensing a good Gloria plotline here.