Snooki’s Booki


"GMA": Justin Bieber has his own Batmobile? Weird, I'd always pegged him as more of a Mystery Machine type of guy. Don't believe me? Picture him with blonde hair and an orange neckerchief. He should totally be Fred from "Scooby Doo" for Halloween...

"Today": Acting, singing, dancing, golfing, answering lame trivia questions… Justin Timberlake can do it all! If only there was one more thing he excelled at, you know like dialing up my number and asking me out! But seriously it was a little disappointing when he couldn't remember they lyrics to my favorite *NSYNC song. Come on Justin, you can't forget your roots!

"Wake Up With Al": I love Halloween, so seeing the story about a bunch of pumpkins that spilled out onto a freeway in Michigan nearly brought a tear to my eye. The only thing worse than seeing the demise of all those pumpkins would having to be one of the people who drove through that. Have you ever cleaned pumpkin debris off your car? What a mess!

"Regis and Kelly": I'm glad Regis eventually stopped reading excerpts from Snooki's "Booki".  It was making my gorilla juicehead hurt. I could Ed Hardy stand it!

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