'SNL' Promo: Mick Jagger Taught Kristen Wiig About Drugs, Sex

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'SNL' Promo: Mick Jagger Taught Kristen Wiig About Drugs, Sex

Mick Jagger taught "Saturday Night Live" star Kristen Wiig everything she knows about music, meaning lots of scoop on drugs and various sexual acts. That's what Wiig tells the Rolling Stones singer in promos for Saturday's 37th season finale of "SNL."

"Mick, I am so excited you're hosting," Wiig says in the promo. "I grew up on you, you taught me so much about music. Seriously, you taught me so much about using drugs … like, so many drugs. The different types of drugs …"

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"I don't think we need to go there," Jagger interrupts, before Wiig continues on and lists the many bleeped-out sexual acts she learned about thanks to Jagger.

Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire and Jeff Beck join Jagger as the musical guests for the season finale, which marks the first time Jagger has hosted the show since 1978, when he and the Stones were the host and musical guest for the fourth season premiere.

Watch the "SNL" promo:

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