SNL: Bill O'Reilly, Kate Upton, Maya Rudolph Hit 'What's Up With That' (Video)

Tim Molloy
The Wrap

Bill O'Reilly, Kate Upton, and, as always, Lindsey Buckingham turned up for another edition of "Saturday Night Live"s' "What's Up With That?," the talk show where no one ever gets to talk.

The decision for guests on the fake BET show: How offended to appear when host Deandre Cole (Kenan Thompson) inevitably cuts them off for another extended performance of his theme song. The gold standard remains Al Gore's look of incredulity and silently mouthed complaint. 

O'Reilly gets off a nice look of understated incredulity. Upton, a "model and presidential enthusiast," looks delighted to be there, even for just a few words. Bill Hader's Lindsey Buckingham is, as always, a study in silent, sulking, but ever-so-brief disappointment.

And host Maya Rudolph's turn as "Brazil's answer to LeAnn Rhimes, Sabrina Spotlight," is not to be missed. We're also including her performance as Michelle Obama in the new "Cosby Show"-inspired series "The Obama Show."

"What's Up With That?":                     

"The Obama Show":

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