Sneak Peek of Peri Gilpin on 'Men at Work' [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

Breckin Meyer's dude-centric TBS comedy, "Men at Work," is about to get an executive dose of reality in the upcoming episode "The New Boss." And the new boss is played by the one-and-only Peri Gilpin ("Frasier's" Roz Doyle).

In this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode, the guys of Full Steam Magazine -- Milo (Danny Masterson), Tyler (Michael Cassidy), Neal (Adam Busch), and Gibbs (James Lesure) -- get word from Full Steam exec P.J. (J.K Simmons) that the competing magazine Icon has not only beat them out for a Best Magazine award, but Icon owner Lindsey Tucker (John Michael Higgins) is flashing the "loser" sign all over the place.

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"That's what you are, P.J., a loser," Tucker digs before introducing the Full Steam crew to his "ace in the hole" editor, Alex Turner (Gilpin). "That woman right there is the reason you will never ever beat me," Tucker tells P.J.

No so fast, Tucker. Looks like P.J. is about to poach Turner right out from under you. And, just like that, she's the editor at Full Steam.

To find out how these fellows handle a tough female boss, tune in to "Men at Work" on Thursday, 4/18 at 10 PM on TBS.