Sneak peek at the season finale of 'The Client List' [Exclusive Video]

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The season finale of "The Client List" airs Sunday night, and Jennifer Love Hewitt's Riley finds herself in the middle of some serious drama, which could expose her secret life.

In the clip above, the massage therapist known for her "extra services" finds herself in charge at the Rub of Sugar Land spa when her boss, Georgia (Loretta Devine), discovers that the authorities have her on their radar. The women have a secret meeting about the "client list" and Riley takes possession of it, making it seem inevitable that she'll soon be exposed for giving her customers erotic massages.

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Also in the finale of Season 1, Riley's husband, Kyle, returns after abandoning the family and doesn't exactly get a warm welcome. Little does he know that his wife has developed feelings for his brother. Betty White also guest stars as Ruth Gibbons, the wife of one of Riley's clients who ends up giving the masseuse advice about making marriage last.

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Hewitt, who also directed the episode, was in the news earlier this week because her mother, Patricia, died Tuesday from complications due to cancer. She was 67.

The season finale of "The Client List" airs Sunday at 10 PM.