Sneak Peek at Season 2 of 'Teen Wolf': Fangs, Blood and Love

Yahoo! TV

The drama at Beacon Hills High School is hitting a whole new level. In this trailer featuring a sneak peek at Season 2 of MTV's "Teen Wolf," there are fangs and blood aplenty, but there's also lots of romance between star-crossed lovers Scott and Allison.

In the 2 1/2 minute clip, Allison is encouraged to become more involved with her family's business hunting werewolves, her boyfriend Scott and his best bud Stiles are trying to track down a mysterious evil lurking in the shadows that's threatening to destroy their community, and Derek moves into his new role as "Alpha." What's also obvious from the clip? The romance between Allison and Scott will be tested – her dad is seen busting up a hot moment between the two and she pleads to Scott: "I don't want you to be normal. I want you to be alive."

Crystal Reed, who plays Allison, talked to Yahoo! TV about what's ahead for the twosome this season, saying, "There's no conflict between the fact that he's a werewolf. We have to protect people and keep secrets – that's the conflict. Even in Season One she never had an issue with him being a werewolf. It was everybody else saying they can't be together because she's a werewolf hunter and he's a werewolf."

Tyler Posey, who plays Scott, adds: "The first episode picks up pretty much a week after last season ended. In the beginning it deals with a lot of Scott and Allison's relationship because now that it's in the open that they're together, they still have to be very secretive because her dad is trying to kill Scott."

Season Two of "Teen Wolf" premieres Sunday, June 3, at 11pm, right after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. But if the trailer below gets 5 millions views, MTV make public the first 10 minutes of Season 2. So share the clip to get a big tease of episode one.