Six 'Suits' Season Two Teasers!

Jarett Wieselman
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Six 'Suits' Season Two Teasers!

The cast of Suits traveled to New York City last night (despite taking place in NYC, the show films in Toronto) to celebrate their second season with a stunning fashion show on The Highline.

FIRST LOOK - Death Comes To Suits

Before Gabriel Macht, Patrick Adams, Meghan Markle, Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty checked out the killer menswear, they sat down with to tease what's to come on the new season. Here are six spoilers, one per character, that should help tide you over until the June 14 premiere!

Mike Ross
At the end of season one, Mike's little white lie was poised to explode in a very big way as Trevor prepared to spill the beans to Jessica Pearson. So where does season two find everyone's favorite memory man? "We pick up right where we left off and we're not shying away from how we left things," Patrick told me. "I think a lot of people worried we'd balk at the last minute and find some way for Trevor to not tell Jessica, but we don't do that. We go for it and everything gets insanely complicated in the season premiere. A lot of questions will be quickly answered, but that only creates more questions."

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Jessica Pearson
So if the big boss finds out (which it sounds like he does), what does that mean for Mike's future at Pearson Hardman? "Mike is absolutely in jeopardy this year," Gina says. "But, something happens in the season premiere that also puts the firm in jeopardy. That means Jessica and Harvey are in jeopardy as well. This year becomes about figuring out how to wiggle their way out of this predicament. The first episode sets up the season beautifully because all bets are off."

Harvey Specter
Not only does Gabriel call season two "explosive" but he promises we'll learn more about where Harvey comes from. "There is a flashback episode later this season that goes about five years into the past," he tells me. In that episode we not only learn more about Donna's relationship with Harvey, but I hear we'll finally find out the real story behind the corkscrew!

Donna Paulsen
Season two will be a big one for Donna fans -- not only is there the aforementioned flashback episode, but her relationship with Rachel will be expanded upon. "We're going to see a lot more of Donna and Rachel's friendship this year," Sarah says. "They're girls, they hang out and there's even this great scene where they go out on the town together. They put on a lot of alter egos." And in one sure-to-be splendid bar scene, the ladies adopt the monikers Harriet Specter and Megan Ross!

Rachel Zane
Last season saw Rachel finally own up to her feelings for Mike before being semi-rebuffed and the season premiere deals with that storyline head on. "Their relationship continues to be a rollercoaster this season," Meghan says. "It's always one step forward, two steps back with them." And while romance is always going to be at the forefront for Rachel, lets not forget that she's a professional as well. "This is a big season for Rachel in terms of change – her Achilles heel has always been not being able to pass the bar exam. All I will say is that something could really shift there. My personal goal is for Rachel to become a lawyer. I think we would all champion that."

Louis Litt
Suits love-to-hate-him scenestealer is back in full force with season two -- but now that audience's have been introduced to these characters, it's time to peel back the layers. "Louis is made a real human being this year," Rick tells me. "We learn a lot about his past and while you're still going to hate him one minute, you might actually start to like him the next. It's been the biggest challenge for me as an actor because the character becomes incredible nuanced with all these different shades, but it's exciting. Suits is the job of a lifetime."

Suits premieres June 14 at 10 p.m. on USA.

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