The Situation: Drugs Nearly Killed Me

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The Situation: Drugs Nearly Killed Me

The Situation is opening up about his addiction to pills that caused him to finally hit rock bottom and says he feels "lucky to be alive."

The Jersey Shore star tells In Touch Weekly about his rock bottom moment. "I was in a hotel room -- probably in LA, Vegas or Miami -- and I was watching a Brittany Murphy movie," says the 30-year-old reality star, who was taking more than 15 doses a day of the painkiller Oxycodone at the time. 

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The Situation said he realized in that moment that he felt his world gradually crumbling. "Am I going to be that guy that was so awesome on the Jersey Shore and then . . . that's it?" But after two years of on-and-off drug use, he said he still believed he could handle his addiction alone. "I really thought I could fix it, that I could turn it around by myself."

He reveals that family eventually played a part in his recovery by urging him to enter rehab after a difficult trip to Australia. "On the plane home, they said, 'Mike, you've got to handle this now,'" he says. "I knew that they were right -- that if I didn't fix the problem there'd be no Situation."

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