Shaq Demonstrates Why He’s Terrible at Pranking People on ‘Late Late Show’

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Shaquille O’Neal visited The Late Late Show With James Corden, and as a result we learned about an imaginary prank show called Shaq’d. The show starred Corden and O’Neal as two pranksters, but they had one minor problem — people seemed to recognize the 7-foot-1 future NBA Hall of Famer.

The first prank the two tried to pull off was gluing a $20 bill to the ground. Unfortunately, the first person who tried to pick up the bill recognized O’Neal hiding behind a rather small plant.

Despite O’Neal wearing multiple disguises, the prank targets always recognized him before the pranks could be executed. Corden became irate over the fact that everyone recognized his partner in crime. To make matters worse for Corden, O’Neal gladly would take photos and sign autographs with the intended targets.  

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See Shaq doing Running Wild With Bear Grylls:

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