Seth Rogen Tricked Carrie Underwood Into Doing Chicken Dance on ‘Ellen’

Stephen Proctor

Seth Rogen and Carrie Underwood were guests on Ellen on Friday where Rogen and host Ellen DeGeneres decided to try a new game that also involved an unwitting Underwood. The game was called “You Must Say,” and the premise was for Rogen to give DeGeneres a sentence or a phrase that she had to work into the interview with Underwood. But instead of just words, Rogen decided he wanted to make DeGeneres see if she could get Underwood to do the chicken dance.

DeGeneres, being the pro that she is, worked the chicken dance into the interview seamlessly. DeGeneres started by telling a confused Underwood that everyone’s been telling her about an amazing chicken dance she does. The country star didn’t seem too into it, so DeGeneres got a little help from the crowd.

She asked the audience, “Y’all have heard about it, right?”

Underwood indulged the roaring crowd and got up to attempt the chicken dance while still confused as to why. She awkwardly tried two versions of the dance before sitting back down with DeGeneres, who then told Underwood about Rogen and the game.

Underwood was unamused as DeGeneres said, “He said, ‘Tell her I hear that you do a chicken dance and make her do a chicken dance.’ And so that’s what just happened and you actually did it.”

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