Seth Meyers Lambastes Donald Trump Over Birtherism

Will Lerner

On Late Night, host Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Republican Donald Trump’s recent announcement to the press regarding President Obama and birtherism. As you may recall, Trump was maybe the loudest champion of the debunked theory that Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

Meyers showed part of Trump’s press conference. “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” Trump accused at that event Friday, though this has been determined as false. “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.” Cutting back to the studio, Meyers quipped, “Obama was born in the United States period? F*** you, exclamation point!”

Meyers also went after embattled New Jersey governor and Trump campaign surrogate Chris Christie for his repeated, blatant lies to CNN’s Jake Tapper about Trump’s birtherism, post-2011. Christie actually argued that Trump didn’t bring it up over the past five years. “So the liar hired the other liar to basically work as a greeter at Lie Mart,” Meyers said, showing a picture of Gov. Christie in a Wal-Mart-style apron. “Because only a Lie Mart greeter would claim Trump didn’t talk constantly about the birther issue for the last five years when, thanks to cameras, we know he did.”

Meyers then showed a montage of Trump repeatedly questioning the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate after it was released to the public, as well as several tweets of the conspiracy theory nature. “I’m not sure the guy who holds fake press conferences, who has a fake university, a fake foundation, fake hair, and a fake tan should be the one in charge of deciding what’s real,” said Meyers to laughter.

Meyers blasted Trump as a racist and a liar and ended the segment mocking the Republican presidential nominee’s press conference. “You know the brand new ballroom that was under budget and ahead of schedule?” Meyers asked his audience. “Well, once Trump left the stage things fell apart, literally.” He then showed footage of NBC reporter Katy Tur on the scene with the stage falling apart behind her. “The only way that could have been more on the nose is if the banner said, ‘This is a metaphor,’” Meyers concluded.

Meanwhile Jimmy Fallon playfully tousles Donald Trump’s hair:

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