Selena Gomez Goes Back to Her Roots in Disney Movie 'The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex' [Exclusive Video]

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Is any young starlet hotter than Selena Gomez right now? The happily Bieberless stunner (she and Justin broke up in January) is everywhere -- and she's looking more beautiful and confident than ever. Aside from her already successful music and TV careers, the 20-year-old is now about to shed her teenybopper image for a risqué role in the upcoming sex- and drug-fueled film "Spring Breakers" -- which also stars Vanessa Hudgens (Gomez's fellow "High School Musical" alum), James Franco ("Oz the Great and Powerful"), Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars"), and Rachel Korine.

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What about her TV career? Fear not; she hasn't forgotten her roots. She'll be back Friday night for the "Wizards of Waverly Place" TV movie "The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex." This Disney special event sends the Russos (Gomez plays daughter Alex) to Italy to meet their long-lost family. Alex tries to show off and accidentally creates a Good and Evil Alex. Evil Alex gets sucked into a plan to take over the world, and Good Alex must conquer her dark side to save humanity.

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In this sneak peek, Alex performs some hocus-pocus on herself, hoping to end up as her nice version and rid herself of her bad qualities. Did it work? "I dunno. You look the same," says her friend Harper (Jennifer Stone). There's only one way for Harper to find out if this Alex is a sweetheart: ask her about clothes. "What do you think of my clambake outfit?" Harper asks. "It's horrible … that you didn't make me one!" Alex responds. The wizardry worked! So where did Evil Alex go? Well, her magic words were "Selfish, mean, and tired of rejection -- take these parts to a place of reflection," and that's literally what happened. Evil Alex is trapped in the mirror. And she really is Alex's nasty version: "Hey! Let me out of here, you ugly hags," she says. Good Alex has a plan, though; she throws a blanket over the mirror hoping that will shut her up.

Even with this upcoming Disney event and Gomez's time-consuming press tour for "Spring Breakers," she is currently recording her follow-up album to 2011's "When the Sun Goes Down," which won three Teen Choice Awards. À la Taylor Swift, her new effort channels her pain from the Biebs heartbreak. Anxious to hear some of it? You're in luck; the club track "Rule the World" has been leaked, and she'll be dropping her newest single "Come and Get It" in April.

The "Wizards" cast talks about what to expect from their new TV movie:

To see Gomez back in her wizardly role, tune in to "The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex" on Friday, 3/15 at 8 PM on Disney Channel.