See Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon Attempt Infamous 'Double Yodel' [Video]

Robert Chan
Yahoo TV

Quick! What's the first thing you think of when you think zombies? Brains? OK. Undead? Sure. "Walking Dead"? Romero? Good, good.

How about yodeling?

Brad Pitt is making the rounds to promote his new movie, "World War Z," which opens Friday. But rather than answer the hard questions ("What's a green screen?" and "Is it hard to be so attractive?"), Pitt went on Jimmy Fallon's show with the soft sell:

In the video, Jimmy Fallon goes to the roof to relax the way we all like to relax — by getting his yod' on (somebody please add that to Urban Dictionary). He gets an immediate reply from another rooftop, and the sender turns out to be Brad Pitt. The two have a nice little chat (including a plug for the aforementioned movie opening) before engaging in the "never been done before" double yodel.

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Will the double yodel become the new double rainbow? Will it replace the obligatory late-night movie promotion interview with increasingly complex musical interludes ("The cast of 'Thor 2' will now perform Schubert's piano quintet on the Avengers Quinjet sponsored by Quinn's 'Vettes!")? Dare we hope?

It should be noted that this yodeling was on the same episode that had Ice Cube doing "Today Was a Good Day" — which makes "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" simultaneously the whitest and blackest show on television.

Watch the "World War Z" trailer: