Scott Pelley to Anchor ‘CBS Evening News’ from Florida for Hurricane Coverage

Brian Steinberg

CBS News said its evening-news anchor, Scott Pelley, would lead the broadcast from Florida in order to provide on-the-ground perspective on the effects of  Hurricane Matthew, a signal that the storm and potential damage resulting from it are likely to take more command of an already busy news cycle.

Pelley will anchor his Thursday-night broadcast from West Palm Beach. The hurricane is expected to be one of the most powerful in a decade.  

 A team of correspondents will contribute to CBS News’ coverage from across the Southeast, the Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean. CBS News Correspondents Manuel Bojorquez and Mark Strassmann are reporting from Florida. Omar Villafranca is in the Bahamas. Errol Barnett is in Georgia, and Jericka Duncan is in South Carolina. Kris Van Cleave will cover the storm’s impact on travel, and WBZ Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher is tracking the storm. 

CBS News will have coverage of the storm all day on CBSN.

Other TV-news outlets are also gearing up to cover the severe weather. FOX News Channel said it expected to offer continuous live coverage of the impact of Hurricane Matthew as it makes it way towards the east coast of the United States. Correspondents Phil Keating and Jonathan Serrie will report live Thursday from Deerfield Beach, FL and Folly Beach, S.C., respectively. Starting Friday morning,  Steve Harrigan and Bryan Llenas will provide live reports from  locations in Florida. Meteorologists Janice Dean and Rick Reichmuth will contribute to coverage from New York City throughout the week. As the hurricane approaches the United States, more correspondents may be dispatched to various locations, the network said.


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