‘Saturday Night Live’: Think Herding Cats Is Hard? Try Wrangling Stars

Brian Steinberg

Don Roy King was Emmy-nominated for directing the “Justin Timberlake” episode, which features host Timberlake being inducted into the show’s legendary Five-Timers Club. The sight of multiple celebrities onstage generates lots of response but is hard to manage.

“It’s a remarkable list of guest stars who come back to welcome him into the club: Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase and more,” says King.

“Any sketch that is that complex and that is designed to reveal people has its own directorial challenges. We also wanted to reveal them to the studio audience at the same time we revealed them on camera. … It’s also tough to wrangle that many brilliant people who are most interested in telling war stories and making each other laugh while they’re going to rehearsal.”

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