'Saturday Night Live' Adds Three to Cast for 38th Season

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'Saturday Night Live' Adds Three to Cast for 38th Season

Saturday Night Live is launching a youth movement.

The NBC stalwart announced on Monday that it will add three new featured players to its cast for its 38th season, all of whom have experience with the long-time comedy feeding ground, Second City.

Deals for Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson, rumored late last week, were made official, while sketch veteran Cecily Strong will also join the cast.

Bryant is a Second City E.T.C. Stage alum, and performed at Chicago's Annoyance Theater. Robinson, who also has a role in Christopher Mintz-Plasse's CBS' midseason comedy, Friend Me, performed with Second City's Mainstage and National Touring Company. Strong also worked with the Touring Company, and trained at iO Chicago, where Bryant received her training.

SNL is facing a bit of a reboot, as long-time favorite stars Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg officially left the show after last season. It was recently announced that Abby Elliott is exiting the show, as well. Wiig and Samberg have moved to film full time, while Elliott has an arc on How I Met Your Mother.

Seth MacFarlane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig will serve as this season's first three hosts.