Sarah 'Overgroomed' for 'Waltz' Nude Scene

David Weiner
The Insider
Sarah 'Overgroomed' for 'Waltz' Nude Scene

Sarah Silverman shares a full-frontal nude shower scene with Michelle Williams in their new relationship dramedy Take This Waltz, and according to THR, the comedienne pulled no punches at Sunday's Tribeca Film Festival screening Q&A when it came to the details of prepping for the big day.

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"The morning leading up to it, I overgroomed," she overshared. "You know when you even and even and even until nothing's left? It was bad. Never try to even from the top. Let the top be the top... It was alright. I wish it was fuller. Michelle's was so full and awesome."

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Silverman said that shooting the nude scene on the Sarah Polley-directed movie, "was very supportive and you forget it once you do it." She added that the nudity was not gratuitous: "Women are naked together all the time. You're in the shower at the Y or one of you is in the tub and one of you is reading a magazine, you're hanging out and trying on clothes -- it's such a common, every day thing for women that's never reflected in movies. There's so much nudity in movies, but it's always sexual. You never see nudity that is not in a sexual way, so this is that. … It's kind of every day life."

Also starring Seth Rogen and Luke Kirby, Take This Waltz (inspired by the Leonard Cohen tune) is about a happily married woman who falls for the artist who lives across the street. The film is scheduled for a summer release.

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