Sarah Jessica Parker Hosting Obamas at 'Fabulous' June Fund-Raiser in NYC

Kasia Anderson
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Sarah Jessica Parker is taking a cue from George Clooney and opening her own home to President Obama and his supporters for a fund-raiser on June 14.  

The event, co-hosted by the president and First Lady Michelle Obama, will take place on June 14 at the “Sex and the City” star's townhouse in Manhattan. And like Clooney's Hollywood extravaganza, which raised a staggering $15 million for the president's second run on the White House, Parker's party in New York will include a couple civilians in the mix.

The always proper Parker announced the donation-based contest via email Friday, taking a crack at class politics while she was at it. “As a woman, a mother, and an entrepreneur, I need to believe our country can be a place where everyone has a fair shot at success,” she said.

“This November's election will determine whether we get to keep moving forward, or if we're forced to go back to policies that ask people like my middle-class family in Ohio to carry the burden – while people like me, who don't need tax breaks, get extra help,” Parker added.

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Though she didn't make specific mention of Obama's recent endorsement of same-sex marriage, Parker is one of a group of prominent players from the entertainment industry, including “Milk” scribe Dustin Lance Black, singer Ricky Martin and “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, who have stepped up their commitments to Obama's cause since he came out for marriage equality.  

Contestants hoping to join Parker and the Obamas at the actress' lavish Greek-revival style Greenwich Village home can donate “any amount” to enter, according to her email.

And of course, Parker promised, “It should be fabulous.”

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