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'SNL' Mocks Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Saturday Night Live took on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in its cold open, with Bobby Moynihan playing the embattled politician.

Ford went on a Canadian TV show to apologize for his transgressions, which include admitting to smoking crack and using vulgar language during press conferences. But as a Canadian TV host (Taran Killam) pointed out, it was becoming difficult for people to believe the mayor's apologies.

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The show cut to footage of progressively more disastrous press conference apologies from Moynihan's Ford. In one he brought chap stick so the reporters could put it on when "you kiss my fat, [Bleep] white ass." During another press conference, a drug dealer (Jay Pharoah) delivered a package to Ford, who exclaimed "That's a lot of crack!"

Speaking to Killam's TV host, Ford said he needed to go on another TV show, one that would believe him. The Canadian TV host asked what show would possibly believe the mayor.

Moments later, Ford was shown on CBS' 60 Minutes being interviewed by Lara Logan (Kate McKinnon), who in real life has had to issue a series of apologies for her controversial report on the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Rob Ford se tiendra loin du défilé du père NoëlRob Ford se tiendra loin du défilé du père Noël

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Logan introduced Ford by saying "Mayor Rob Ford. Patriot, hero, role model." She then asked him a series of softball questions, with Ford denying ever doing crack,  smoking weed, or using alcohol.

Logan took him for his word.

Check back later for a full recap, as well as video from this week's Saturday Night Live.


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