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Meet Snooki’s Boyfriend: Jionni LaValle

Meet Snooki’s Boyfriend: Jionni LaValleIf the pregnancy rumors are true, Snooki’s boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, must be making a major fist pump right about now. Sources say that the “Jersey Shore” cast member is about three months along with the couple’s first baby.

So who exactly is the papa-to-be? The two met in Seaside Heights in 2010 and have been dating ever since. Her quiet counterpart is studying to be a teacher. "I'm in a stage," Snooki told People magazine, "where I'm like, 'I want to marry you!'"  

He’s more Wall Street, less "gorilla juicehead." A source told Wetpaint, "She wasn't sure about him at first and kept asking her friends what they thought of him. She was hesitant because he isn't the typical gorilla." This turns out to be a plus, because, as Snooki told People magazine, "When we're together, it's just, like, private." she added, "So that's what I respect most about him. He just doesn't care." Hey, that just means more spotlight for Snooki.

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He gets along with Snooki’s dad. The reality star tweeted about her BF and her dad, "My dad and boo are bonding.” And “boo” cooks for his beloved. Take this delighted tweet from the TV personality: “Omg my boyfriend made me a pickle pancake...yeahhhh he's amazing!” Whatever makes you happy, Snooki.

As evidenced by photo ops of the couple, LaValle does work hard to make his guidette happy: He’s been snapped opening her car door, helping her at book signings, and matching her tan for tan.

Is a trip down the aisle next for Snooki and Jionni? See what she has to say about it: