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Has Kim K's Style Changed Since Dating Kanye?

Has Kim K's Style Changed Since Dating Kanye?Has Kim K's Style Changed Since Dating Kanye?

Hate Kim Kardashian all you want, but even her staunchest naysayers have to admit that she looked pretty amazing at the Valentino Haute-Couture show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday.

Arm in arm with her boyfriend Kanye West, Kim stunned in a classy black knee-length dress that still managed to show off her famous curves, and it's also safe to say that her dark hair (worn straight in a softening side part) has never looked better.

Which begs the question -- has Kim's style changed since dating Mr. Paris Fashion Week designer himself, Kanye West?

There's plenty of evidence that the new man in her life has definitely influenced her style, as Kim has been curiously sporting a lot of monochrome as of late, sticking to one color and less obvious body-baring ensembles than we've previously been used to. Sure, she still wears pretty much all of her outfits skin-tight, but no obvious cleavage and midriff styles has made an appearance since she went public with the rapper in April.

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Could you even imagine her now in this gaudy purple and orange Gucci ensemble she wore to her fragrance launch in 2011 while she was still dating Kris Humphries?

Didn't think so.

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It would also makes sense that more so than any of her other famous ex'es, Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush, Kanye would have a much more vested interest in her fashion choices -- he is pretty particular on what he likes, and doesn't like.

So while Reggie Bush seemed to usher in a bodycon Herve Leger phase, and Kris Humphries seemed to inspire some wild print choices, might we say Kanye is responsible for a sleeker, more subdued Kim?

For her personal style's sake, let's hope this relationship lasts a long, long time.

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