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Fall TV Preview: 5 Comedies We Want To See More Of Right Now!

5 new Fall 2013 comedies: 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Super Fun Night,' 'The Crazy Ones,' 'Mom' and 'Trophy Wife' (center) -- NBC5 new Fall 2013 comedies: 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Super Fun Night,' 'The Crazy Ones,' 'Mom' and 'Trophy Wife' (center) -- NBC

There's a host of new comedies (at last count, at least a dozen) heading to network television this fall featuring big screen stars, fiercely funny females and at least one Oscar winner.

The trailers are all out now for fans to watch in the run up to their premieres and based on those short clips alone, has put together a condensed list of the five fall comedies we want to see more of right now!

"The Michael J. Fox Show" (Thursdays @ 9:30 PM on NBC)

Watch The Trailer Here

Why We Can't Wait: It's the return of North American sitcom royalty -- the ridiculously likable Michael J. Fox! He has us laughing from the start of the promo clip as he misdials his wife and pulls a typical parent move -- revealing way too much personal information to a total stranger. "My drugs haven't kicked in," he says, leaving out the fact that his "drugs" are the prescription kind, which prompts a visit from the police. Playing a newly unretired NBC newsman, we can already see there is plenty to build on as he interacts with a producer from a much younger generation, fans on the street, and, of course, a his teenage daughter. And did we mention it has "Breaking Bad's" Betsy Brandt as Michael's wife? It looks like heart and humor. Based on this clip alone, we're S-O-L-D.

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"Super Fun Night" (Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM on ABC)

Watch The Trailer Here

Why We Can't Wait: Multiple wardrobe malfunctions, stapler accidents, light-up flashing underwear and dance routines in the trailer have us ready to tune in right now to the comedy starring, written by and co-executive produced by "Bridesmaids" and "Pitch Perfect" star Rebel Wilson. This story about three friends ready to change up their stay-in Friday night routine after a cute Brit invites Rebel's Kimmie character to a club also has Conan O'Brien as an executive producer. Two words: We're in.

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"The Crazy Ones" (Thursdays @ 9 PM on CBS)

Watch The Fall Preview Featurette Here

Why We Can't Wait: Finally, someone had the genius idea to bring Oscar winner Robin Williams back to comedy television and let him loose on a weekly basis once again. As a crazy creative advertising genius, Robin spends the featurette sparring with a "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em" robot in the office, annoying his straight-laced daughter (Sarah Michelle Gellar), putting on international accents in board meetings and riffing about "secret sauce" and booty shaking alongside easy-on-the eyes James Wolk (fresh from another ad agency-themed show - "Mad Men"). As a bonus, the trailer features pilot episode guest star Kelly Clarkson getting steamy in a recording both (with James), while singing, "it ain't the meat, it's the motion."


"Mom" (Mondays @ 9:30 PM on CBS)

Watch The Fall Preview Featurette Here

Why We Can't Wait: The cast is the big draw here. It's got big screen funny lady Anna Faris as a recently sober single mom of two, and "The West Wing's" Allison Janney as her formerly dysfunctional parent trying to make amends, and (probably) overstepping some boundaries with her granddaughter. The trailer is peppered with darker-tinged comedy than some of the others, but having Chuck Lorre ("Two and A Half Men," "Mike & Molly") on board as the show's Executive Producer, and the trailer bite with Anna reciting self-help messages to herself in a car, have us intrigued.

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"Trophy Wife" (Tuesdays @ 9:30 PM on ABC)

Watch The Trailer Here

Why We Can't Wait: There's just something funny about watching a pretty, young, second -- or in this case -- third wife (Malin Akerman) of an older man (Bradley Whitford) try and fit in with his family. Malin has been flexing her comedy chops across television and film (who could forget her saliva-heavy frisky love scene with Tom Cruise in "Rock of Ages") for years, and this vehicle looks like it'll give her the chance to do it on a weekly basis. The trailer has her trying to parent three kids, including one very smitten pre-pubescent stepson. Can't wait to see more sparring with Bradley's definitely unimpressed first ex-wife played by Marcia Gay Harden. Our first impressions? A little raunchy, a little wild and a little sweet.

-- Jolie Lash

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