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The 12 Best Jimmy Fallon Moments on 'Late Night' [Video]

When Jimmy Fallon first took over as host of "Late Night," he introduced a fresh, "Saturday Night Live"-influenced take on the genre. Many of his zany pretaped skits, live sketches involving star guests, and weird musical performances became huge viral sensations on the Internet.

And, we hope, when he moves on to "The Tonight Show" next year, he'll bring those buzzworthy bits with him.

In the four years he's been hosting on "Late Night," Fallon has produced many charming and delightful sketches and performances. Here are 12 of the best:

History of Rap

Singer and friend Justin Timberlake brings out the best in Fallon, as their instant-classic hip-hop medley shows. The first one was so popular that they've done three more installments.

The latest installment of "History of Rap": 

Slow Jam the News With Barack Obama

Even the most serious topics are more fun when accompanied by the funky soul of the Roots. As the president talks about student loans, Fallon makes us laugh with lines like, "As I like to call him, the preezy of the United Steezy."

The Evolution of Mom Dancing With Michelle Obama

The Obamas love Fallon! In this bit, the first lady and the wig-sporting host demonstrate mom dance moves, like the Go Shopping, Get Groceries, and the Out-of-Sync Electric Slide. At the end, she shows off that she really can dance by doing the Dougie.

"Downton Sixbey"

One of the best things Fallon introduced, from night one, was a parody series of a popular TV show. First it was "7th Floor West," a take on "The Hills." Even funnier is "Downton Sixbey," a takeoff on the PBS drama, which features Fallon doing a ridiculous British accent and Fred Armisen playing Lady Edith.

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"Jersey Floor"

Another of Fallon's spoofs took on MTV's "Jersey Shore." Anyone who gets off at a certain floor in the 30 Rockefeller building is instantly transformed into a well-tanned, party-loving guido or guidette. In one installment, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler drop by to hang with J. Bro and his crew.

Jimmy vs. Justin Bieber

The host engages in a showdown with the teen idol to see who was more awesome. "Bring it, Biebs!" Fallon growls. They face off over video games, checkers, and laser tag, and end the competition with a dance-off.

Winning for Men by Charlie Sheen

Fallon does an amazing impersonation of the troubled star in this fake ad for a men's fragrance called Winning. Fallon smokes and rambles about how great he (Sheen) is. "The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen. I took a lot of Charlie Sheen."

Robert Is Bothered: Thanksgiving

Like he did on "SNL," Fallon has created different characters that pop up from time to time on "Late Night." The best of them is his take on a brooding Robert Pattinson. In this installment, he really doesn't like Thanksgiving. "No particular date, no particular thank you!"

"Whip My Hair" With Bruce Springsteen

Fallon can be delightfully kooky sometimes, like when he sings dressed as Neil Young. And for "Neil Young's" performance of Willow Smith's hit single, the Boss just happens to stop by to do a duet.

"Call Me Maybe" With Carly Rae Jepsen and the Roots

We don't know yet if the Roots will move to "The Tonight Show" with Fallon, but after musical numbers like this one, we really, really hope so. Using classroom instruments, they did an inspired version of Jepsen's sugary pop hit.

"All I Want for Christmas" With Mariah Carey and the Roots

Like the Jepsen performance, Carey sings the holiday tune accompanied by the Roots on kazoo, block, recorder, xylophone. The simple take on the classic holiday tune, plus the cheerful kid chorus, would make even the grinchiest person smile.

"Ho Hey" by the Chickeneers

How can you not laugh at Fallon, Blake Shelton, and Nick Offerman dressed up in chicken costumes and clucking to the tune of the Lumineers's monster hit song? It's silly, fun, and totally entertaining.

Did we miss your favorite "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" moment? Let us know in the comments.