Ryan Lochte Rebounds From ‘DWTS’ Incident

Jeremy Belanger

On Monday’s Dancing With the Stars, we saw the aftermath of the incident with Ryan Lochte during the previous week’s episode. Lochte recalled the moment, “Last night, two people protested against me and went out on the dance floor.” Those people were tackled by security and removed from the show. Though he kept a cool head during the ordeal, Ryan Lochte became emotional as he saw his mother crying afterwards.

To turn things around, he and his partner decided to dance to The Muppets opening theme song. Why would he choose that song? First, Lochte seemed to be a big fan, saying that his favorite Muppet was “the green dude.” Second, Lochte demonstrated that when he hears the song, it is impossible for him to not go from a frowning face to a smiling face.

Though he didn’t get high marks from the judges for the routine, at least he didn’t have to dodge protesters.

Watch protesters interrupt Ryan Lochte’s DWTS performance:

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